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OWN light corner lash has been beautifully designed to enhance the eye by focusing on the outer corner and elongating the eye.

Two sets of corner lashes in each box. When treated with love you can get up to 5 wears per set. 

Please note - glue is sold separately. OWN recommends this eyelash glue, sold here... DUO Striplash Adhesive.


Start by softly curling your lashes with our OWN lash curler.

OWN tip – literally, heat your lash curler up with your hair dryer for around 5-10 seconds, make sure it’s not too hot before curling lash.

Curl for a beautifully lifted lash before adding a layer of your favourite mascara.

Gently remove your OWN corner lash from its box, using our OWN tweezers or applicator gently pulling away from the outside inwards by the band, give your lash a little bend to soften the invisible band.

Apply a thin layer of glue along the clear band, let the glue dry for 10 seconds till glue is tacky.

With our OWN tweezers or lash applicator place the lash on the outer corner of your eye as close to your lash line as possible.

Once comfortable and in place, wait a hot minute before using our OWN mini eyelash curler to clamp the lashes together for a seamless blend.

Gently + carefully pull from the outer corner inwards by the base of the lash not the tip of the lashes – this will save the lash from being damaged and be able to be reused.

To reuse, gently pull off any dried glue, store flat and safely until next use.

OWN corner lashes can be used up to 5-7 wears when treated with love.

Please note - glue is sold separately. OWN recommends that you use the DUO Striplash Adhesive.


Comes with 2 pairs.

OWN corner lashes can be worn up to 5-7 wears when treated with love.
Available in light, medium and full.

Each corner lash has been individually hand trimmed and may ever so slightly differ from each other.

12mm in width.

Made from the finest artificial fibres and silk materials.

Adhesive lash glue sold separately.